FIN EC software

Keys and Licensing

Types of keys

The Fine licensing system uses the following Gemalto Sentinel key types:

Key Key Type Appearance Used for Key Name
Hardware Local One user HASP HL Max
Local time limited HASP HL Time
Network More users HASP HL Net (10,50)
Network time limited HASP HL NetTime (10,50)
Software Local time limited One computer HASP SL AdminMode

Hardware Key (HW key)

Hardlock is a tiny device to be connected to USB port of your computer. The hardlock is sent by post. If you buy a local license with a hardlock, you can install the programs on an arbitrary number of computers, however the programs will only work on the computer to which the hardlock is connected.

Software Key (SW key)

It is a special code on a hard drive, which is bound to the hardware of a given computer on which the key is installed on. The software key is sent by email. If you buy a local license with a software key, the software can only be used on one computer. The software key is bound to the hardware parameters of a given computer on which the key is installed on. The software keys are not allowed on virtual machines.

Types of Licenses

The license type is determined by the purpose of use – local license (for a standalone computer) OR network license (for more computers in a network or on virtual machines). More information about License Types.

Drivers for Keys

Visit download section for key drivers.

How to

This section describes the individual operations related to Fine licenses.


The USB protection key is not recognized, what should I do?

When you plug the USB protection key in, the red LED turns on to indicate it is functioning correctly. If the red LED is not turn on, please try to install the driver.

Where can I find the serial number of my protection key?

You can find the serial number in the Fine License Customer program as "KeyID".

How can I install the driver for the key?

In case of problems with FIN EC software, you have to make sure that the most recent driver is correctly installed. Please visit the following page to know how to install the driver.

How to replace HW key for temporary SW key?

Once you receive the HW key, insert it into the same computer where the temporary SW key was installed. Only then the HW key can be activated by clicking on the „Update key online“ button in Fine License Customer.

Is it possible to transfer the software key to the another computer?

The software key is bound to the hardware parameters of a given computer on which the key is installed on. If you buy a new computer, the key can be transferred (only if you have the commercial version of software). In case the harddisk is stolen/ broken, please contact us .

Is it possible to change the hardware of the computer on which the software key is installed on?

When the hardware was partially changed, report the hardware changes to restore the full key functionality.

How does a network hardlock work?

Our network licenses are only distributed with a hardlock. If you buy a network license, you may use the software on more computers in the network or on virtual machines. The maximum number of users that can work with the software at once is given by the number of purchased licenses. In order to run the application, the appropriate network hardlock has to be connected to a computer in the network. More information about network license settings in the Online Help or in the PDF manual.

What do I need hardlock for?

Hardlock is a tiny device to be attached to a computer. It protects our software against illegal copying. Protected software cannot run without an appropriate hardlock connected to the computer.

What to do in case of losing or damaging the hardlock?

The hardlock or software key represents the license. Loosing a hardlock resp. software key results in loss of the corresponding license. If a hardlock is damaged we offer the possibility of hardlock replacement for the cost of a new hardlock (see price list). The old key, however, must be returned.

How can I prevent from losing the software key?

We recommend to use Windows backup tool Backup and Restore which allows you to create System Image Backup - a backup copy of the entire Windows operating system that is running on your PC, as well as all your programs, files and settings. If your computer fails, you can use the system image backup to restore your computer, getting you up and running in a matter of minutes on the same or different hard drive.

How to deactivate software key?

If you want to deactivate the software key, please send us an email to