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GEO5 Software


The basic geotechnical approaches implemented in the GEO5 software are applicable all over the world, although most countries adopt their own standards and conventions. GEO5 offers a unique way of applying standards which significantly simplifies the work of the designer and at the same time allows to verify the structure with all the required approaches.

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GEO5 supports

The basic idea is to separate input of standards and theories from the actual input of a structure. The user first selects his own “Settings” – standards and approaches for the verification of safety to be used – applicable to all GEO5 programs. Then, when working with a particular program, the user no longer needs to worry about standards and coefficients of the analysis, as all the applications use the same, chosen ”Setting”.

The program allows the user to quickly switch from one setting to another, so running analysis according to various standards is efficient and simple.

The program allows to adopt one of the fifty defined Settings (e.g. national annexes of EU countries to EN 1997), or define a completely new one. The created Settings can be shared within the company or sent to coworkers.

The number of used approaches and standards regularly increases with every new version of the program to reflect user requirements.

Using Standards and Analysis Settings (2:06)

GEO5 Standards

Take a look at work with the standards (EN 1997, LRFD and others) in the GEO5 programs. Tutorial also explain how to easily switch between them and how to define your own settings.


GEO5 software is certified by Chinese Government (MOHURD)
and it also conforms to the Russian State Standard (GOST-R).

GEO5 China Certification GEO5 China Certification русский сертификат

GEO5 saves your time!

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Try GEO5 software yourself.
Download Free Demoversion.

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