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Secant Pile Wall

In secant pile walls, the axial distance of piles is smaller than their diameter. It is possible to divide the piles into two groups. Primary and secondary piles. Firstly, the primary piles from plain concrete are made. Secondary piles, reinforced with steel, are made between these primary piles. The anchors are positioned through primary piles, so it is not necessary to use wales.

Secant pile wall design - GEO5

A secant pile wall is an often realized structure when it is not possible to use diaphragm walls. The main advantage of this structure is its high bearing capacity. A disadvantage is then the requirement of very powerful machines and big demands for accuracy.

Complete design and analysis of pile walls can be performed by programs GEO5 Sheeting Design or GEO5 Sheeting Check.

GEO5 Sheeting Design      GEO5 Sheeting Design

Programs provide different types of soil anchors. Pre-stressed bar anchors (VSL, Dywidag), strand anchors (VSL, Dywidag), helical anchors (Helical Anchors Ltd, Chance, MacLean), anchor bars (VSL, Minova) and deadman anchors. The parameters of all anchors are included in the database, which is a part of our programs.

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