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FIN EC Software

Heat Transfer

Calculation of gas and steel temperatures during fire. The temperatures are calculated according to a selected temperature curve and fire protection detail.

The program is a freeware and is distributed as a part of FIN EC demoversion.

Try FIN EC software yourself. Download Free Demoversion.

Main features

  • Pre-defined database of steel cross-sections
  • Selection of temperature curves (standard, hydrocarbon, parametric, external fire)
  • More types of fire protection details
  • Database of fire protective materials (coatings, boards etc.)
  • Diagrams of gas and steel temperatures in time
  • Resulting temperatures in table
  • Printing of well-arranged protocols

More Features

Training Materials

FIN EC 2022 - New Edition


News & Features

  • Extended functionality of Punching program
  • Masonry - Added assessment of wall subjected to concentrated vertical load.
  • Loading - Calculation of wind load acting on spheres

Output Report Samples

Report sample

Main Advantages of FIN EC Report

  • Clear one-page or comprehensive textual report
  • Possibility of custom report structures
  • Company profile with logo in the report header
  • Creation of custom report templates

Fire resistance analysis

These programs can be used for the analysis of fire resistance:

Following freeware can be also helpful for fire resistance analysis:

FIN EC saves your time!

Try FIN EC software yourself. Download Free Demoversion.

The software won't run on mobile devices. We can however send you a download link to your email.

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