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Redi-Rock Wall Freeware

This program is for designing and analyzing gravity retaining walls made from blocks produced by Redi-Rock,International (USA).

The program is available free of charge and includes freeware versions of Slope Stability and Spread Footing.

For advanced analysis of Redi-Rock walls, including calculation of MSE walls with the Positive Connection (PC) System and Mirafi geogrid, use the Redi-Rock Wall Software package.

Redi-Rock Wall Freeware.
Download for free.

Main Features

  • Stability analysis of a gravity retaining wall
  • Calculations can be performed employing EN 1997-1, LRFD or classical approach (limit states, factor of safety)
  • Sliding and overturning calculations for the entire wall
  • Sliding and overturning calculations of the upper portion of the wall at all block row elevations
  • Bearing capacity calculations of the foundation soil in the program Spread Footing
  • Overall or global stability calculations of the wall and slope using the program Slope Stability
  • Database of common Redi-Rock blocks and setbacks
  • User defined multiple soil layers allowed
  • Built-in database of soil parameters
  • User defined multiple construction stages for analysis of the wall at different stages
  • Earthquake effects (Mononobe-Okabe, Arrango, Chinese standards, NCMA)

More Features

Training Materials

New Features in GEO5 2020

GEO5 2019
  • Annotations in all GEO5 programs
  • Simplified 3D subsoil modeling (Stratigraphy)
  • Analysis of slopes protected by meshes (Nailed Slopes)
  • Modeling of nails (FEM)
  • Bearing capacity Analysis based on SPT (Pile CPT)

"Redi-Rock Wall Freeware" Output Report Sample

Output Report Sample

Main Advantages

  • Customizable report structure
  • Report header personalization
  • Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis
  • Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings

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