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Bearing Capacity of Foundation Soil

Verification analysis of the bearing capacity of foundation soil takes into account forces obtained from all already performed verifications of the overall stability of the structure (the theory of limit states, safety factor). To that end, the following relationships are used:

Usually, the shape of contact stress in footing bottom is considered as a constant on a reduced length of footing.

Trapezoid shape of stress is required according to some standards. In this case, the verification is performed for the maximum value σmax.




normal force acting in the footing bottom



width of wall heel


max. eccentricity of the normal force



bearing capacity of foundation soil



allowable eccentricity (this value is defined in the frame "Settings" in tab "Wall analysis")

For calculation of bearing capacity of foundation soil (in case of assuming shallow foundation under the wall) program allows us to calculate the design or service load, that acts at the center of the footing bottom. When transferring data and results in the program "Spread Footing" it is possible to calculate settlement and rotation of foundation correctly. For assuming a pile foundation in the frame "Foundation" it is possible to view internal forces in the heads of piles (for one series of piles), respectively at the center of the footing bottom (for planar pile grid).

Dialog window "Bearing capacity"

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