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Video Tutorials

These short tutorial videos explain the basic work with the software and the procedures how to easily perform specific tasks using our software.

No. Name Updated Related Programs
Support and Documentation for the GEO5 Software (2:37) 11/2019 All
Using Standards and Analysis Settings (2:06) 5/2016 All
Inputting the Geological Profile (1:57) 2/2016 All
Creating an Output Report (3:26) 7/2016 All
BIM Export in the GEO5 Software (3:28) 4/2019 All
Introducing Annotations in GEO5 2020 (3:02) 11/2019 All
Introduction to Retaining Wall Programs (3:59) 5/2016 All
Introduction to Spread Footing (2:55) 2/2016 Spread Footing, Spread Footing CPT
Introduction to Slope Stability (3:20) 4/2016 Slope Stability
Construction Stages in Slope Stability (3:05) 5/2016 Slope Stability
Create Geological Reports using the Logs Module in GEO5 Stratigraphy (4:50) 5/2019 Stratigraphy, Stratigraphy – Logs
Create Geological Cross Sections Using GEO5 Stratigraphy (6:13) 5/2019 Stratigraphy, Stratigraphy – Cross Sections
Create 3D Subsoil Model from Geological Cross Sections in GEO5 Stratigraphy (5:25) 11/2019 Stratigraphy, Stratigraphy – Cross Sections
Designing a Sheet Pile Wall in Sheeting Design (4:05) 11/2016 Sheeting Check, Sheeting Design
Designing an Anchored Diaphragm Wall in Sheeting Check (7:14) 11/2016 Sheeting Check, Sheeting Design
Introduction to Pile CPT (3:09) 11/2016 Pile, Pile CPT
Designing a Utility Tunnel in the FEM Program (5:45) 4/2016 FEM, FEM – Tunnel
FEM - Terrain Settlement (18:46) 6/2018 FEM
GEO5 FEM - Water Flow - Earth dam steady state seepage analysis (14:24) 12/2019 FEM, FEM – Water Flow
Introducing Annotations in FIN EC 2020 Edition (3:28) 11/2019 FIN EC
() 6/2020 All

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