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Document printing

Window "Print and export document" contains the tools for printing the documentation of the project. Document structure can be defined in the tree menu, that is placed in the left part of the window. Other tools (print, heading and footing, document browsing) are available in the horizontal toolbar or in the main menu. The content of the document is updated automatically, all values and results correspond to the latest state of the project. Created document can be printed directly or saved as a file. Supported file formats are *.pdf or *.rtf. Documents created in the programs "Fin 2D" and "Fin 3D" may contain user defined pictures. The work with these pictures is described in the chapter "Pictures printing".

The most of the programs are able to create these types of documentation:

  • Text output - Detailed document with variable content. The document can contain not only all inputs and results, but also detailed properties of materials and cross-sections and intermediate results of the analysis. Content of the document can be modified using the tree menu.
  • Graphic output - brief document with one page per task. All inputs and results for each task are organized in a clear form.

Document type can be changed in the drop-down menu "Document" in the horizontal toolbar.

Selection of the document type

Document content

Content of the document can be modified using tree menu in the left part of the printing window. The particular chapters of the document can be added or removed using appropriate check boxes. Any state of checked and unchecked chapters can be stored as a template. These templates will be available for all other projects.

Content of the final document can be displayed in place of the tree menu. The tabs for switching the tree menu and content view are placed on the left side of the tree menu.

Tabs for a content view

Browsing through the document is possible with the help of the mouse wheel or buttons in the toolbar.

Document appearance

Printing window also contains tools for modifying the appearance of the final document:

  • Heading and footing - The heading and footing can be added in the window "Heading and footing".
  • Paper size and orientation - The paper size, it's orientation and margins can be changed in the window "Page properties".
  • Page numbering - The numbering style including prefix and suffix can be selected in the window "Page numbering".

These tools are available in the main menu or in the toolbar.

Window "Print and export document"

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