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Program Loading

The software "Loading" is able to create load reports in accordance with standards EN 1991-1-1, EN 1991-1-3 a EN 1991-1-4.

User interface

The user interface consists of a main menu with toolbars in the upper part of the window, tree menu on the left and input/display part on the right side of the window. The main menu contains all tools and functions, which can be used during the work. The tree menu is used for the administration of individual project tasks as well as for switching between parts of an input. The work with the tree menu is described in the chapter "Tree menu". Tools for documents printing are organized in the window "Print and export document", which can be opened using the printing icon in the toolbar "Files" or using the appropriate link in the part "File" of the main menu.

These types of reports can be created in the software:


  • The load report that consists of more items (e.g. self weight of roof structure). The particular items of the report may be arbitrary construction materials, structural elements, variable loads or user defined item. Resulting units are kN/m2.


  • The load report similar to the type "Area", the load is recalculated to one liner meter. Resulting units are kN/m.


  • The load report similar to the type "Area", the load is recalculated to specified area. Result is a force in kN.


  • The report of snow load for selected type of structure (different roof types, local effects). As a result, load report contains design values including transparent figure.


  • The report of wind load for selected type of structure (different roof types, walls). As a result, load report contains design values including transparent figure.

All particular tasks create an individual report of certain part of structural design (self weight of structural part, snow load for roof, wind load for walls etc.). Any report may be converted into linear or point load with the help of "localization". Any task may contain unlimited number of localizations. Localizations are automatically updated after any modification of the original report. Reports can be added with the help of the button "Add" in the heading of the tree menu.

Main screen

Basic screen of the software contains general data of the project (identification details, design standard).

Frame "General project data" shows data, that can be input in the window "General project data". The window can be opened by using the button "Edit". The entered data can be used in heading and footing of documents.

This screen also contains an option for changing the national annex for design standards. National annexes affect certain calculations and also loading maps are selected according to this setting. The national annex "Default EC" performs the design according to the fundamental Eurocode without any national annex.

The following setting "Values of wind load on roof in table" avoids non-transparent reports for more complicated roofs. When using this setting, such cases may contains the roof scheme only with region marks, load values will be organized in the table under the roof scheme.

Roof plan with displayed load values or region marks

Button "Default" contains these two tools:

Adopt default settings

  • Set the default values for all parameters.

Save settings as default

  • Set entered parameters as defaults for new projects.

Main application window

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