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Program Sector

The program "Sector" calculates cross-sectional characteristics of sections made of walls. Walls are parts of cross-section, that have significantly longer length than the thickness. Typical examples of such structures are steel cross-sections, cross-sections of concrete bridges or cores of height buildings. Calculated characteristics are important mainly for verification of simple torsion and warping. The program calculates following characteristics:

  • The coordinates of centre of gravity
  • The cross-sectional area
  • The moments of inertia
  • The rigidity moment in simple torsion - Ik
  • The main warping coordinate - ω
  • The position of shear centre
  • The polar moment and radius of inertia - Ip, ip
  • The warping constant Sω
  • The warping moment of inertia Iω

User interface

The user interface consists of a main menu with toolbars in the upper part of the window, tree menu on the left and input/display part on the right side of the window. The main menu contains all tools and functions, which can be used during the work. The tree menu is used for switching between parts of an input. The tree menu can be alternated by the part "Entry" of the main menu. The appearance of the workspace may be modified in the window "Options", that can be opened from the main menu. Tools for documents printing are organized in the window "Print and export document", which can be opened using the printing icon in the toolbar "Files" or using the appropriate link in the part "File" of the main menu.

The tree menu contains two main parts:

  • Topology - This part contains tools for modelling the cross-section
  • Results - This part shows the results of calculation

Main screen

The default screen contains general information of the project. The cross-section name and additional notes can be specified with the help of the button "Section". The button "Project" opens the window "General project data", which contains additional data of the project, that can be used in heading and footing of documents.

Main application window

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