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(5) Assign Columns to Imported Data

The program prepares the initial assignment of columns. It is then possible to change the assignment manually. The system remembers the user changes and uses it, preferably in the same cases.

Changes in the assignment of columns are carried out in the following table:

Column assignment

  • The table header contains columns that are required by the program mode into which the import is being done.
  • In the first table row, the input file column is assigned to be imported into the appropriate column of data. The columns can be used repeatedly, but you can only assign a compatible data type, i.e. you cannot use for example a text column for a number.
  • In the second table row, a multiplier for numbers can be entered. Pressing the "Assign" button in the window enables us to specify how the values of the Yes/No type and similar ones are treated. The current assignments and other information are displayed in the hint-bubble if the appropriate column is focused on.

Value assignment

Hint bubble

In all cases, it is possible to check the result in part (6) Result of import preview. If any problems arise, an error message is displayed in the window.

If everything is OK, you can complete the import by pressing the "OK" button.

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