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Compatibility of Boreholes

To have the best model, we want to use all boreholes in it. For this reason, all boreholes should be compatible.

Compatible borehole has an identical count and order of layers as the master borehole. It is shown in white in the "Active" column. If this borehole is also active, it is used for geological model generation.

Incompatible boreholes are shown in red in the "Active" column and they cannot be used for the generation of the model.

Frame "Geological model" - compatibility of boreholes

Examples of compatible boreholes:

Examples of incompatible boreholes:

The incompatible boreholes can be changed to compatible in the "Edit borehole" dialog window - using e.g. inserting of layers with zero thickness or adding (removing) soil layer.

Example of modification of incompatible boreholes to compatible:

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