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The "Geometry" frame allows us to select a desired wall shape. The selected shape with a graphic hint appears in the left part of the frame. The shape of the wall can be edited either in the frame by inserting values into the input fields, or on the desktop using active dimensions.

In case the structure is composed of inclined segments, it is required to enter the ratio of sides of an inclined segment 1:x. A straight structure is specified by entering the value zero.

Defined wall shapes

If the defined wall shapes are not satisfactory for the wall geometry input, the program allows us to enter a general shape of gravity wall. The general wall shape is entered by coordinates of points, but it is also possible (by pressing the "Generate general shape" button) to generate coordinates of the structure from an already input predefined wall.

General wall shape input

The program allows us to export the geometry of the structure in *.DXF format.

"Geometry" frame

"Geometry" frame - general wall shape

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