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The frame "Values" allows for defining points (or joints) arbitrarily placed on the slab surface. For these points (joints) it is possible to display variables (deflections, moments, rotations) for an arbitrary load case or LC combination, or if needed variables for dimensioning (values of necessary reinforcement areas calculated according to the standard selected in the "Material and standards" tab).

The frame contains a table with the list of input points (joints). Adding is performed in the "New values" dialog window. The window serves to specify the type of input (point, joint), coordinates and for what load case, combination, or dimensioning the resulting quantities should be displayed. The value in the supported joint corresponds to the reaction force at this support.

In the dimensioning analysis some quantities can be denoted by symbol [*]. In such a case the necessary reinforcement area and minimal degree of reinforcement is required. If the point is found on the boundary of two macroelements, the program displays two sets of values for dimensioning.

The input points (values) can also be edited on the desktop with the help of active objects.

dFrame "Values"

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