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Files Saving

When working with files (opening, saving), the FINE programs allow you to use a custom dialog box.

The dialog differs from the standard window mainly by the following functions and controls:

  • folder "Fine online examples" - access to the FINE server with extended content of demo examples
  • folder "Favorites" - the function adds any folder to the list (for example, see the picture (folder "GEO5 2024 Examples") - right-click to select "Add current folder to favorites"
  • folder "Fine examples" - displays the folder with installed FINE files (e.g. : c:\Users\Public\Documents\Fine) - the FINE folder contains all subfolders according to the installed versions of the programs (e.g. GEO5 2023 Examples, GEO5 2024 Examples, GEO5 2023 64bit Examples....)
  • the "Use Windows dialog" button - switches between the FINE dialog and the standard Windows dialog (the standard dialog contains the "Use Fine dialog" button)
  • the "Add Storage" button - allows you to link the dialog box to an existing server data storage (cloud).

The dialog now allows you to link the following storages:

  • Amazon S3 - connect to Amazon S3 -
  • Amazon S3 - compatible storage - connect to Amazon S3 compatible storage. E.g. Synology C2 Object Storage
  • Google Drive - connect to the application part of Google Drive (no access to private files) -

Linking of other storages will be expanded in future versions.

Fine dialog window for files opening/saving

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