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Design Approach 1

The verification analysis is performed for two sets of coefficients (Combination 1 and Combination 2) used in two separate analyses. For combination 1, the partial factors are applied to load actions only, the remaining coefficients are set equal to 1.0. For combination 2, the partial factors are applied to material parameters (material parameters of soil), and to variable load actions, the remain coefficients are set equal to 1.0.

In programs analyzing walls and performing stability analyses, the analysis is carried out for both combinations automatically, and the results are presented for the most unfavorable situation. In the output protocol, there are calculations of both combinations described in detail.

This approach is not applicable to the "Sheeting Check" program. The combination, for which the analysis should be carried out, must be selected in the "Pressure Analysis" dialog windows.

In "Spread Footing" and "Pile" programs, it is necessary to specify service load even for the bearing capacity analysis. The design load is considered with combination 1, the service load than with combination 2.

Input of partial factors for design approach 1

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