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Copying and Pasting 2D Interfaces

GeoClipboard allows to copy and paste 2D interfaces between the following modes:

  • Interface
  • Embankment and Earth cut
  • Water
  • Imcompressible Subsoil

It also allows to copy data from FEM program:

  • in "Analysis" regime it allows to copy analyzed GWT, especially after water flow analysis
  • in "Activity" regime it allows to copy interfaces with respect to active and inactive areas

It is possible to copy the following items:

  • current interface
  • selected interfaces
  • terrain of current stage
  • complete 2D profile

Pasting of interfaces

Pasting interfaces from GeoClipboard is the same process as if the user enters interfaces step by step. The pasting parameters can be entered in the following window:

Pasting of 2D interfaces from GeoClipboard

In this window it can be specified, which interfaces are pasted ("Paste" column) and in which order of pasting (change by mouse click on or by Ctrl+Shift+up or down arrow keys) and locate it to the desired place. In the same mode there is a possibility to paste only standalone interface, thereafter the "Paste" column acts like a radio button and the "Order" column is hidden.

Program always shows preview of changes caused by pasting and the result of pasting is described in "Note" column. Data are changed when "Paste" button is pressed.

There is a possibility to repeatedly paste one interface with changed location to enter skew-layered profile.

Pasting of complete 2D profile

This mode allows pasting of complete 2D profile from GeoClipboard to the current 2D profile. The interfaces to be pasted cannot be specified, only locating to the desired place can be done. The program shows the preview of the resulting 2D profile. The profile is pasted and the data is changed when the "Paste" button is pressed.

Pasting of complete 2D profile from GeoClipboard

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