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Pressure Determination

The "Pressure Determination" frame is used to specify the earth pressures acting on the wall.

The type of pressure acting on the wall can be specified as active, at rest, or increased active - according to the allowable wall deformation. It is also possible to define minimum dimensioning pressure, which is required by many standards.

Input of increased active pressure

The upper bar with buttons determines whether the calculated earth pressure is redistributed.

Option 1 is used for non-anchored walls () - there is no redistribution of pressure.

For anchored and strutted walls, it is appropriate to use a redistribution of earth pressures. Additional options (buttons) are for various possibilities of pressure redistribution.

The last option () allows us to input any distribution of final earth pressure manually - this pressure does not depend on input geological profile.

The program allows us to enter a position of a null point, but it is recommended to let it calculate automatically.

Frame "Pressure determination"

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