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Heredity - Construction Stage

Construction stages (Toolbar Construction Stages) allow creating the construction step by step and check all construction stages (this is necessary in the Sheeting Check, Settlement, FEM programs).

When creating a new stage of the construction, or editing the previous stage, the properties of the construction are automatically passed over between the construction stages (heredity of properties).

There are two types:

Defined heredity - (anchors, supports, surcharges…) - these objects always remember the stage in which they were created. This is also the stage where these objects can be edited. In all subsequent stages, these objects can be either removed, or it is possible to change some of their properties (post-stressing anchor, change of surcharge magnitude, translating support…).

Automatic heredity - (assigning of soils, terrain profile, influence of water, analysis setting…) - for such types of inputs, the properties from the previous stage are carried over to a new one when being created. When the properties in the current construction stage are changed, the program proceeds as follows:

  • If the property in the next stage remains the same as in the previous one, it also receives the tag new - this change also applies to all subsequent stages.
  • If the property in the next stage differs from the one in the previous stage (this means that this property has already been changed in the next stage), then this change is not carried over to subsequent stages.

Changes within stages of a construction - automatic heredity

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