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Soil and Rock Symbols

It is possible to select a pattern category from a combo list for each input soil (patterns of GEO5 software, full color, gINT patterns, or patterns according to the YS 5204 Chinese standard 1) and the color of the pattern. These are displayed in the input profile.

The color you choose from the combo list is used to plot soils or rocks on the desktop and to pictures, which are either stored on the "Picture list" or printed using "Print and export desktop view" (to visualize the same (full) colors in pictures, the option "full color" in the "Drawing Settings" must be set).

The pattern color should be chosen concerning the desktop background or printout paper so that it is sufficiently visible.

"Add new soils" dialog window - the selection of color and pattern category

Patterns of soils- GEO5

Patterns of soils - gINT

Patterns of soils - YS 5204 - 2000


1 - YS 5204-2000 - Specification for mapping symbol of geotechnical investigation report

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