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32/64-bit Version

All GEO5 programs (from the 2022 edition) can be installed in 32, or 64-bit versions.

The version is selected during the installation - it is possible to select a 32 or 64-bit version in the list in the installer. It is possible to install and use both versions on one PC.

Installation - selecting program versions (32 or 64-bit)

The more powerful 64-bit version is recommended especially for the complex task in the Stratigraphy, FEM and Point Cloud programs, where it allows us faster calculation or model generation.

The 32-bit version can be launched on 32-bit Windows only. On 64-bit Windows, both versions can be launched.

Both versions are completely compatible, the tasks created in the 32-bit version can be opened and edited in the 64-bit version (and vice versa).

The version type is shown in the window header and also when launching each application on the start screen.

Version type in the window header

Version type on the start screen

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