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The frame "Structure" allows us to input the dimensions of the pile cap according to the defined scheme, number of piles (micropiles), their diameter, and spacing.

In the case of calculation according to spring method, the rectangular geometry can be considered as a strip foundation.

Defined pile group shapes


Individual piles in the group share the same diameter. A correct and reliable design of a pile group requires meeting the construction rules regarding:

  • the number of piles in a group (3 - 20)
  • the diameter of piles (from 0,3 m to 4,0 m)
  • the spacing of piles (s = 1,5d to 6d), where d is the diameter of individual piles in the group
  • the overhang of a pile cap from the obverse of outer piles (o = 0 to 2d)

If defined pile cap shapes are not satisfactory for the pile group geometry input, the program allows us to enter the general shape of pile group. The general shape of the pile cap is entered by coordinates of points, but it is also possible (by pressing the button "Generate general shape") to generate coordinates of structure from already input predefined pile cap.

Input of general pile cap shape

If the general shape of a pile cap is selected, it is possible to input the inclination of piles α. This option (α ≠ 0°) is available only for the spring method, not for analytical solutions. For analytical solution, all piles are considered as vertical (α = 0°). So, for calculation of vertical bearing capacity or settlement of pile group an inclination of piles is not considered.

The program allows us to export the geometry of the structure in *.DXF format.


Individual micropiles in the group have the same diameter. Micropile group requires meeting the construction rules regarding:

  • the number of micropiles in a group (3 - 20)

Frame "Structure"

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