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Setting Driving Parameters of Relaxation of Reduction Factor

Similar to standard analysis the program adaptively adjusts the value of reduction factor. Providing the solution fails to converge for a given set of parameters c, φ, the reduction factor is relaxed and the analysis is restarted. This approach is driven by the parameters set in the "Analysis settings" - tab Newton Raphson.

The "Relaxation factor" serves to reduce the current value of the Reduction factor of parameters c, φ. The analysis is terminated once the value of the reduction factor drops below the minimum one or the maximum number of allowable reductions is exceeded. When selecting the NRM the program allows us to determine the parameters c, φ which bring a soil body to a stable state in cases, where the solution with the original parameters c, φ was not found. The program then precedes in the opposite way so that parameters c, φ are systematically increased until the stable solution is found.

Parameters driving the process of reduction of strength parameters c, φ

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