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GEO5 Software

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Graphic editing

Defined objects can be selected and edited.

  • one object - can be selected by the left mouse button
  • multiple objects - selected by "SHIFT" key + left mouse button
  • multiple objects - selected by a rectangle (dragging the left mouse button)

Selection of multiple objects using a rectangle

  • special selection - in the dialog window from the mouse context menu - "Special selection" item

Multiple selection using a dialog window

Selected objects can be:

  • edited - in the table as "text editing"
  • deleted - "Delete" button or "DELETE" key
  • shifted, copied using tools

Shift of objects

  • we select one or more objects
  • the cursor is changed to
  • the shift of an object in any direction

Shift of an object by the mouse

The next option is "Geometry editing"

  • we select an object
  • the cursor is changed to
  • we snap one of the object nodes, and we change the geometry dragging the mouse

Change of geometry - the node shift

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