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Group of Piles

When defining a group of piles, it is necessary to input the structure stiffness, which then drives the way of analysis and verification of the structures. The basic assumption is that for a stiff structure all piles have the same settlement, while for a compliant structure each pile deforms independently. When running the analysis, according to NEN6473 this frame also serves to select the way the CPT is carried out.

For both stiff and compliant structures the program allows for defining locations of individual piles using their coordinates. In such a case the coordinates of each pile are required (in the x, y coordinate system) and the load acts on each input pile. If the option "Consider the influence of negative skin friction" is set in the frame "Settings", then it is also possible to enter the surface surcharge using the "GWT + NSF" frame. Adding a new pile is performed in the "New pile" dialog window.

Frame "Group of piles" - entering locations of piles using their coordinates

If the user does not enter the coordinates of piles locations, then their parameters are defined directly in the frame "Construction". Selecting the stiff structure allows for specifying the number of piles below the structure (the piles are then spread uniformly).

Frame "Group of piles"

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