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Reduction of Bending Moments

Dimensioning moments above supports will be reduced, if the "Input dimensions of supports and reduce resulting bending moments" in the "Settings" frame is selected. This will then display the "Geometry of Support" section in the properties of the individual supports ("Joint Supports", "Line Supports") and will reduce the dimensioning moments in the analysis.

Interpretation in the analysis

The program reduces the dimensioning moments in the areas of defined geometry of support.

  • The areas of defined geometry of the individual supports that overlap or touch are joined
  • The values lying at the boundary of the merged areas are calculated
  • Values in the mesh nodes within the merged areas are limited by a value that is calculated from the boundary values so that the nearest boundary values have the highest influence
  • The values of dimensioning moments and dimensioning shear force are limited

Limiting value

The limiting value is calculated according to the formula:





limiting value at the calculated point xy



number of border points



value at boundary point

d(xy, xyi)


distance of the calculated point from the boundary point

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