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Soil Mix Wall with Steel Section

The Soil mix wall with steel section requires an input of:

  • Cross-section name (default name is generated by the program, it can be changed using "User def." checkbox)
  • Section length l
  • Spacing of profilesa
  • Wall thicknessh
  • Cross-section type - it is selected in the dialog window "Catalog of profiles" (button "Catalog"), or in the dialog window "Cross-section editor" (button "Welded")

Parameters input - Soil mix wall with steel section

The steel profiles are the main static elements. The verification of steel profiles is done in the "Dimensioning" frame.

The soil mix retains the soil between steel profiles. The verification of soil mix is done in the "Soil Mix" frame.

The soil mix also increases the bending stiffness of the shoring structure according to the formula:




bending stiffness of steel section



modulus of elasticity of soil mix



spacing of profiles



wall thickness

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