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Adding New Settings

The program contains a relatively large number of basic Settings applicable to individual countries and theoretical approaches. Despite that, it is quite probable that most users will require to modify it and create their own user Settings.

A setting can be valid for all GEO5 programs or for the current program only (this can be specified in the right upper corner of the dialog window).

Pressing the "Add to administrator" button opens a dialog window, which displays the current setting of the program:

  • if the "Input for the current task" is the current setting, the window is opened in the regime pertinent to the current program
  • if the current setting is selected from the Settings list, a copy of this Setting with the same validity is opened

After editing and specifying the name of the new Setting, this Setting is saved into the "Settings Administrator" by pressing the "Add" button so it can be subsequently selected from the "Settings list".

User-defined Settings is reasonable to create for example:

1) based on countries and standards

  • settings for Boguto
  • settings for Borito
  • settings for pro Borito, bridge structures

2) based on investor

  • settings for highways
  • settings for railways
  • settings for buildings

3) based on analysis methods

  • analysis based on Mazindrani
  • analysis based on Coulomb

4) individually

  • my way
  • Peter’s way

The goal is to create a "Settings list" so the user does not need to care for the way of inputting various types of analysis and accompanied coefficients. The created settings can be "Exported" and made available to other users. Providing such Settings have a broader validity the company FINE will implement them into the pre-defined Settings so that they become available to all users of the GEO5 software.

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