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Visualization (plotting) of results is one of the most important features of the program. The program allows us to select from several basic styles of graphical outputs, which are defined in the "Drawing Settings : Analysis" dialog window.

  • draw deformed mesh
  • surface plot of variables developed inside the soil/rock body (the total values or their increments with respect to other calculation stages can be displayed)
  • internal forces distributed along beams, contacts
  • forces in anchors and reaction forces
  • depression curve
  • tilted sections of variables
  • vectors and directions of variables

To display results the program employs the following coordinate systems.

The toolbar "Results" in the upper part of the screen serves to selected variables to be displayed and the way they should appear on the screen. The color scheme is shown in the right part of the desktop. Its particular setting can be adjusted using the "Color scheme" toolbar.

Because properly setting outputs might be often time-consuming, the program disposes of a comfortable system of storing and managing various settings.

All outputs and selected results can be further printed out from the analysis protocol.

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