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Consolidation analysis is the optional module of FEM program. We can switch the consolidation analysis on in the "Settings" frame by switching "Analysis type" to "Consolidation".

The input has the following limitations:

  • the "Tunnels" regime cannot be used
  • only some materials models can be used: Elastic, Mohr-Coulomb, Modified Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker-Prager
  • active regions can be fully specified in the 1st construction stage only, in the following construction stages only activating the regions located above the terrain of the previous construction stage is allowed. No openings or cuts are possible.
  • mesh is obligatorily generated using multinode elements
  • water can be entered in the 1st construction stage only and "No water" or "GWT" can only be used
  • beams are always in transverse direction impermeable, only the drain along the beam on each side of the beam can be specified
  • no point flow is available, the line flow on the borders have only "permeable" or "impermeable" boundary conditions

The data input and calculation is as follows:

The results of the analysis are presented in the same way as in stress analysis, in addition, the flow velocities are available.

The principle of the numerical solution is here.

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