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The "Water" frame allows us to select the type of water by pressing the button. The selected type with a graphic hint of input values is displayed in the left part of the frame. Parameters of water (h1, h2 etc.) can be edited either in the frame by inserting values into input fields, or on the desktop with the help of active dimensions.

The last option is a manual input of pore pressure both in front of and behind the structure. Two tabs "In front of structure" and "Behind structure" appear with tables. The table contains the values of pore pressure in front of the structure or behind it.

The groundwater table (GWT) can also be specified above the structure or earth profile, respectively - in such a case, the depth of water is input with a negative value.

Analysis of earth pressures with the influence of water is described in the theoretical part of the help, chapter "Influence of water".

The program further allows us to specify a depth of tensile crackht filled with water.

Frame "Water"

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