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The calculation of load-settlement curve of single pile is based on the solution described in EA-Pfähle manual.

The main input for the calculation are empirical values of shaft resistance qs and base resistance qb, that are based on the analysis of the results of static loading tests of piles.

The resistance is determined according to pile technology (bored, driven, CFA) and according to the soil type (cohesive, non-cohesive). The values can be calculated automatically or entered in the Settlement frame.

In case of automatic calculation, the values of qs are automatically assigned according to soil in the layer. For qb values, a fictitious profile is created at the pile base level. The resultant resistance is calculated as a weighted average of qb values from the individual layers.

Further details are provided herein.

Fictitious profile according to pile technology - a) bored and CFA piles, b) driven piles

Load-settlement curve according to EA-Pfähle - a) bored and CFA piles, b) driven piles


German Geotechnical Society: Recommendations on Piling (EA-Pfähle). Berlin: Ernst & Sohn, 2012.

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