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Particle Size Test

The particle size test consists of determining the grain size of the soil sample by sieving or sedimentation or a combination of these methods.

Grain size is one of the most important physical properties of soil. Classification of soils is based primarily on grain size. A number of geotechnical and hydrogeological properties of soil are related to grain size. Grain size provides a description of the soil based on the division of soil grains into different fractions. The representation of each fraction in the soil can be determined by sieving and/or sedimentation.

The grain size of coarse-grained soils is usually determined by sieving, while the grain size of fine-grained and mixed soils is usually determined by a combination of sieving and sedimentation, depending on the composition of the soil. The sieving method is applicable to all unconsolidated soils with a grain size of less than 125 mm.

Sedimentation methods are divided into:

  • Density analysis
  • Pipetting method

Output protocol of Particle Size Test

The form of the entered data and the output protocol print is purely user-defined, following the specified template.


CSN EN ISO 17892-4

CSN EN ISO 14688-1

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