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The "Geometry" frame is used to specify the depth of a construction ditch and shape of the terrain in front  The selected shape with a graphic hint appears in the left part of the frame. The dimensions of a structure can be edited either in the frame by inserting values into input fields, or on the desktop with the help of active dimensions.

The frame can be further used to input surcharge of a construction ditch bottom.

The cross-section type is also entered in this frame. When loading data from older version "Sheeting Design" program, the cross-section is entered as "not input". Editing cross-section is performed using the "Edit" button.

The cross-section type does not affect the analysis of internal forces.

Results of the assessment of cross-section are shown in the frame "Dimensioning".

The program makes it possible to export the geometry of a structure in the *.DXF format.

Frame "Geometry"

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