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Adding and Editing Type of Reinforcement

The "New type reinforcement (Edit type of reinforcement, Inserted type of reinforcement)" dialog window contains the following items:

Reinforcement group and Type of reinforcement

  • a combo list contains reinforcement group and individual types of reinforcements from a database, or its allows for inputting the "user-defined" type of reinforcement

Short-term characteristic strength

  • the strength value can be changed only for reinforcements stored with the help of "User's catalog"

Analysis of long-term strength

  • a combo list enables to choose the way of analysis of long-term strength: "input reduction factors" (direct input of factors), "calculate reduction factors" (factors are determined based on the selected lifetime of a reinforcement, soil Ph and grain size) or "input strength" (already reduced long-term strength is input)

Reduction factors

  • the values of factors reducing a short-term tensile strength - can be input directly or calculated based on the selected options in combo lists (lifetime, chemistry, grain size)

Overall coefficient of model uncertainty

  • the value of factor to reduce a short-tem strength is input

Long-term design strength

Slip resistance

  • the "Coefficient of direct slip along reinforcement" can be input directly or calculated based on the type of soil

Pull out resistance

  • the "Coefficient of interaction of soil and geo-reinforcement" can be input directly or calculated based on the type of soil

The "User's catalog" button in the bottom part of the window opens the "User's catalog" dialog window.

Dialog window "New type of reinforcement"

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