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GeoClipboard is a special clipboard used in GEO5 software. It allows to copy and paste data between modes and stages of the same or another program.

Basic characteristics of the GeoClipboard are:

  • GeoClipboard can simulteneously contain different data, e.g. copying soils after interfaces doesn't remove interface data
  • data are saved after program exit and computer restart till they are replaced by other data from same data category
  • every computer user has its own GeoClipboard
  • during pasting data form GeoClipboard the preview of changes is always shown and the user can change pasting parameters

GeoClipboard controls are always placed into the relevant frame. It looks like this:


GeoClipboard is implemented for the following data:

  • project data
  • 2D interfaces, including copying the analysed GWT and topology of stages in FEM
  • soils and rigid bodies
  • 2D assignment
  • field tests

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