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Bearing Capacity

The "Bearing capacity" frame serves to verify the vertical and horizontal bearing capacity of a footing. More computations can be performed in the frame. The verification can be performed for individual loads, or the program finds the most critical one (can be selected from a combo list).

The analysis follows the theory approach selected in the "Spread Footing" tab. This tab serves to choose the verification methodology (according to EN 1997, LRFD, factor of safety, limit states).

The vertical bearing capacity analysis requires the selection of the type of contact pressure (general shape, rectangle). The shape of contact pressure is plotted in the left part of the desktop.

For both limit states (strength, usability) program assesses the eccentricity of the foundation. The value of the maximum allowable eccentricity of foundation ealw is assumed in the frame "Settings" in the "Spread Footing" tab.

The horizontal bearing capacity analysis requires the selection of the type of earth resistance that can be assumed as the pressure at rest, passive pressure, or the reduced passive pressure.

The soil parameters (friction angle structure-soil, cohesion structure-soil) can be further reduced when computing the horizontal bearing capacity.

When evaluating the uplift resistance, the view of the "Verification on uplift" dialog window is adjusted according to the analysis method selected in the "Settings" frame.

A detailed listing of the results is displayed in the right part of the desktop. Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Bearing capacity"

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