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Horizontal Bearing Capacity - Brom's Method

The horizontal bearing capacity of a pile is verified in the "Horizontal bearing capacity" frame. Several analyses can be carried out. The verification analysis can be carried out for individual loads, prescribed displacements, or the program finds the most critical load (can be selected from a combo list). Assuming the prescribed displacement type of load requires the introduction of boundary conditions in pile head (translation and rotation).

The reinforced concrete pile requires inputting the reinforcement profile, number of profiles and reinforcement cover, which influence the pile bending stiffness.

The input parameters for the analysis of pile horizontal bearing capacity are the pile material characteristics (modulus of elasticity and strength of a given material), pile geometry (pile length l and its diameter d) and also the pile load due to shear force and bending moment.

When adopting the analysis according to the Broms method the program ignores up to now input soil layers and checks the single pile horizontal bearing capacity only for the soil defined in the "Horizontal capacity" frame. Soil parameters are specified based on the type of soil:

The frame further allows for inputting the criteria of type of pile:

  • standard - in this case, the pile stiffness coefficient β*l, respectively η*l is calculated automatically by the program.
  • user-defined - this option allows the user to set the pile stiffness coefficient β*l, respectively η*l to check short as well as medium piles.

Type of pile can be considered in two ways:

  • free head - rotation at pile head is not constrained
  • restrained - pile is constrained against rotation at its head. In such cases we typically deal with piles that are part of a planar pile grid or a pile group.

The reduction coefficient of cross-section strength γk serves to reduce the flexure bearing capacity Mu.

The reduction coefficient of bearing capacity γQu serves to reduce the overall value horizontal bearing capacity of a single pile Qu.

The result of an analysis is the horizontal bearing capacity of a single pile Qu and displacement of a pile at the terrain surface u.

The "In detail" button opens the dialog window that contains a detailed listing of the verification results.

The analysis results are displayed on the desktop. Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Horizontal bearing capacity" - Broms method

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