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Analysis of Walls

Verification analysis of walls can be performed using:

In addition, the bearing capacity of foundation soil is examined for both cases.

Following forces are used in the verification:

  • weight of wall - depends on the shape and unit weight of wall (for input use the "Material" dialog window) - uplift pressure is introduced for walls found below the groundwater table
  • resistance on front face - when inputting the resistance on the front face the corresponding force acts as the pressure at rest, or passive pressure or reduced passive pressure
  • gravity forces of earth wedges - an arbitrary number of these forces may occur depending on the shape of the structure
  • active earth pressure or pressure at rest acting on the structure - the basic load of the structure due to earth pressures - depending on the selected option in the frame "Settings" the pressure is computed either with or without reduction of input soil parameters
  • forces due to water effects or pore pressure, respectively
  • forces due to a surcharge - a single force corresponds to each input surcharge. If the magnitude of force due to surcharge is equal to zero (the surcharge has no effect on a structure) then it does not appear in the picture but only in the table listing
  • Applied forces - forces entering the analysis are displayed
  • forces due to an earthquake - several forces enter the analysis due to an earthquake - the increase of earth pressure acting on a structure, reduction of passive pressure on the front face of a structure, or force due to free water behind the structure
  • mesh overhangs and reinforcements are displayed and included providing they appear in the analysis

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