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In the frame "Dimensioning", it is possible to display an envelope of internal forces and displacements from all analyses (stages of constructions). Normally, the envelope is constructed from the results of all construction stages, however, it can only be created from the selected stages. The "Modify" button opens the dialog window "Construction stage selection", where it is possible to select the constructions stages that are used to generate the current envelope (by pressing corresponding buttons).

The maximum values of calculated internal forces (bending moments and shear forces) and the magnitude of displacement are displayed at the bottom part of the frame.

The program allows us to dimension steel-reinforced concrete and steel cross-sections (by checking the option "Check cross-section"). For a more detailed design of reinforcement in concrete cross-section, it is possible to divide the structure into sections which are then assessed separately. When checking the cross-section, it is possible to introduce the reduction coefficient of bearing capacity, which reduces the overall bearing capacity of a cross-section. The magnitude of this coefficient depends on the way, how active and passive forces (frame "Pressure determination") were computed. If these values are design values (already increased by partial factors), this coefficient should be 1.0 - if not, this coefficient should be higher then 1.0. (For EN 1997 is this value in interval 1.35 - 1.5).

The frame allows us to perform a larger number of analyses pro dimensioning of a cross-section. The "In detail" button at the right part of the frame opens the "Dimensioning" dialog window to show detailed results.

Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Dimensioning" - RC cross-sections

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