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Adding and Editing New Block

The blocks can be entered manually or you can use the built-in manufacturers' catalogs.

If the option "Define blocks in Geometry" is selected in the "Blocks" frame, the geometry of the block and the material characteristics (unit weight, friction between blocks, cohesion) are entered in the "New block" dialog window.

The shear bearing capacity of joint Fmin and the maximum shear resistance Fmax can also be defined for each block.

The merge blocks option is used for more detailed block geometry modeling.

The "User's catalog" button in the bottom part of the window opens the "User's catalog" dialog window.

If a specific catalog is selected in the "Blocks" frame, only the corresponding block type and offset are selected.

If the construction type "Wall with reinforcements" is selected in the "Settings" frame, a reinforcement can be considered for each block - it can be entered directly (the reinforcement parameters are entered) or selected from the catalog reinforcements in the "Types of Reinforcements" frame.

"New block" dialog window - manual input of block and reinforcement

"New block" dialog window - selection of the block and reinforcement from the catalog (eg. EasyBlock, Miragrid)

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