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Types of Cross Section

The program allows the user to either input the cross-section parameters digitally or to choose from one of the predefined types of the cross-section. The type of material of the cross-section is selected from the Catalog of Materials or is introduced digitally using the Editor of Materials. The following types of beam cross-section are implemented:

  • rectangular concrete wall - a beam wall thickness must be specified
  • pile wall - a pile diameter and their spacing must be specified
  • steel sheet pile - selected from the built-in database
  • steel I cross-section - a type of cross-section from the built-in database is selected, their spacing must be specified (the type of cross-section is selected from the "Catalog of Profiles", or is defined in the "cross-section Editor", the type of material is selected from the "Catalog of Materials" or is specified digitally in the "Editor of Materials")

All input cross-sections are automatically recalculated per 1 m (feet) run. The results of internal forces developed along the beams are also presented per 1 m (feet) run of a structure. Thus if necessary, for piles or I cross-sections they must be adjusted depending on their spacing by the user.

Should you have your database of sheet piles, which is not yet built-into the program, we will be happy to implement it. You may reach us at

Dialog window "New beams" - the selection of the type of cross-section

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