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The "Analysis" frame serves to verify the vertical bearing capacity and settlement of a footing. More computations can be performed in the frame. The verification can be performed for individual loads, or the program finds the most critical one (can be selected from a combo list).

For both limit states (strength, usability) program assesses the eccentricity of the foundation. The value of the maximum allowable eccentricity of foundation is entered in the left part of frame.

The analysis is performed according to the selected type of field tests in the frame "Settings", where analysis type is also chosen in case of using CPT tests.

The analysis can be performed for the field test with the highest utilisation, the average from all tests or selected test from a combo list.

Further it is necessary to enter a safety factor for bearing capacity. It is recommended to use a SF = 3 for all methods using CPTs, SPTs or PMTs.

The stress in the footing bottom used for settlement analysis can be reduced by the geostatic stress given by:

  • original ground
  • finished grade
  • not specified

In case of inclined footing bottom or analysis according to the Schmertmann method it is also necessary to enter an angle of internal friction φ in the footing bottom.

When calculating according to the SPT tests (Meyerhof method), the correlation for saturated fine or silty sands can be used.

When calculating horizontal bearing capacity, the factor of safety and further data related to the type of analysis selected in the "Settings" frame are entered:

  • angle of friction between soil and foundation ψ (analysis for drained conditions)
  • cohesion between soil and foundation a (analysis for undrained conditions)

A detailed listing of the results is displayed in the right part of the desktop. Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Bearing capacity"

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