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This tool allows to create arbitrary amount of layers. Individual objects are saved into these layers.

The creation of different layers is advantegous for further work. In the picture below, there is an example of "Dimensions" layer. The dimensions (which program cannot display automatically) are defined using "Annotations" tool in this layer. Then, this layer can be displayed in any mode of data input. Objects in one layer have common properties allows multiple editation.

Layer controls in the "Annotations" frame are:

  • button opens "New layer" dialog window to enter a name of the layer. "Show layer in all program modes" checkbutton switches this layer visible in all program modes.
  • "Current" combo list - select the layer, which is being edited (the objects are displayed in full color)
  • "Visible" column - select visible/invisible layers.

"Annotations" frame

The defined layers from "Annotations" frame are displayed in "Annotations layers" column in "Drawing settings". These layers can be turn on/off in all program modes.

Connection between "Annotations" frame and "Drawing settings" frame

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