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Input Data

Data, which we want to enter for each field test and later print in output protocols are defined in the dialog window "New Template".

All data from the template is displayed on the left part of the dialog window. Data can be added, edited, or removed.

Data types in the template

We can add a "New data type" (using the "Add" button) for the current template.

Data types have assigned special symbols:

  • globe - indicates that the data type was selected from the “Global Library”. The global library contains predefined data types that the user can insert into his template. The global library is selected in the bottom left corner of the dialog window.
  • paper list - indicates that the data type was created and named by the user
  • globe/paper list - indicates that the data type was selected from the global library and subsequently modified by the user

The "Edit formulas" button allows you to define your own rules for calculating individual items.

It is also possible to define output documents containing any number of individual protocols or separate data for different tests.

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