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Coefficient m

The correction coefficient of surcharge due to structural strength m determines the structural strength of soil. 

Values of the correction coefficient of surcharge m

Type of fundamental soil


Very compressible fine soils class F1 -F8                    

- with deformation modulus Edef < 4 MPa       

- non overconsoludated

- soft to hard consistency

(all 3 attributes must be fulfiled),       

filling, made - ground        

secondary and tertiary sediments

rocks class R1, R2


fine soils class F1-F8, not belonging to coefficient        

m = 0.1 or 0.4 or 0.6       

sands and gravels class S1, S2, G1, G2 under GWT

rock class R3, R4


Sands and gravels class S1, S2, G1, G2                      

above GWT       

sands and gravels with clay, silt or fine soil admixture

soils class S3, S4, S5, G3, G4, G5       

rocks class R5, R6


eluvium of igneous and metamorphic rocks


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