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The "Geometry" frame allows for specifying the pile cross-section (circular, circular variable, pipe, square, rectangle, I-section, user-defined...).

For the selected section type, it is necessary to select material (concrete, steel, wood) and technology (bored, driven, CFA).

The frame also serves to specify the pile location (pile lift-out and the depth of finished grade). The pile lift out can also be negative - in such a case the pile is placed under the terrain.

The program makes it possible to export the geometry of a structure in the *.DXF format.

Frame "Geometry"

The "Design of pile length" button opens the dialog window for the automatic design of the pile length. The pile length can be computed according to vertical bearing capacity or specified maximum settlement. All entered parameters (soils, profile, water impact, pile diameter, settings, etc.) are taken into account in the calculation. The "OK" button confirms and transfers the computed pile length to the "Geometry" frame.

Dialog window "Design of pile length"

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