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Check of Final 3D Model

A correctly created subsoil model meets all boundary conditions - corresponds to defined Geological sections and Soil profiles.

The easiest way of checking it is a visualization check - we display defined geological sections in the Geological Sections frame and generated Output sections in the Geological Model frame (the program generates output sections automatically in location of entered geological sections, but it is necessary to set correct visualization on the desktop for each frame). Then we switch between individual frames looking for differences in generation.

Displayed geological sections - input data for subsoil modeling

In the picture, there is a wrongly generated layer of clay. In this case, it was caused by defining an interface only on a part of the model. For this reason, we add a position of this interface above the borehole BH 1, too.

Wrong generation of a clay layer

After the new generation, the layer of clay is created correctly.

Newly generated model

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