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Materials and Standards

This tab allows inputing materials and analysis standards for:

  • Concrete structures
  • Concrete structures of bridge abutments
  • EC 2 coefficients are specified for the analysis of concrete structures according to EN 1992-1-1. Both default and user-defined values can be adopted.
  • Parameter of cross-section determination - this coefficient determines the location of the critical section for the calculation of bending moment within the wall foundation. The default value for concrete and steel-reinforced concrete columns is k = 0, i.e. the critical section is found at an exposed column face. For masonry structures, it is recommended to choose the value of this coefficient equal to 0,25.

Critical section for the maximum bending moment within the wall foundation

  • Parameter of wall jumpk - this parameter determines whether the load-bearing reinforcement of the wall front jump is verified or not. For jump length x ≤ k*t the reinforcement verification is not performed. When choosing the "according to standard" option the short wall jump parameter is automatically back-calculated according to the selected standard for dimensioning of RC structures. When choosing the "input parameter" option the value of the parameter k is input by the user. The parameter of a wall short jump is considered for the analysis of walls and for the analysis of spread footings.

Scheme for determining the parameter of a short jump of wall

  • Masonry structures (defined in the "Masonry Wall" program only)
  • Steel structures (defined in "Slab", "Sheeting Check" and "Anti-Slide Pile" programs)
  • Loads and combinations (defined in "Slab" and "Beam" programs only)
  • SNiP - enables inputting design coefficients in the sense of Russian standards SNiP.

"New settings" dialog window - "Materials and standards" tab

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