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Module Lining - FEM

The "Lining - FEM" module simplifies modeling and positioning individual linings of tunnels. The module disposes of the features of the main FEM program including the "Topology" regime and stages of construction.  In the "Topology" regime the module contains the "Free points", "Free lines", "Line refinement" and "Settings" frames. Frames accessible from stages of constructions are described within the stages of the construction regime of the FEM program.

The "Exit and save" button can be used to terminate the work in the module and to transmit data into the FEM program, whereas the "Exit without saving" button just terminates the work without data transmission.

The program makes it possible to import data in the *.DXF format.

The data of the lining module can be independently saved or loaded while in this dialog using standard functions "Open" and "Save". This way allows for transmitted the lining between several analyzed tasks or within a single task.

Load a lining, having less number of stages than the current state, will add the remaining stages. In the case of lining having more stages, the corresponding stages are first added to the dialog and then to the main window. The data from the lining regime cannot be loaded directly into the main window.

Module "Lining FEM"

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